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Ultrasound Safety:

Our ultrasound machine is both safe for mother and baby.  Our state-of-the-art machine uses the EXACTsame ultrasound waves used in a traditional 2D scan at your doctor's office.  The only difference is the our top of the line GE Voluson E8 Expert BT12 ultrasound machine have 
the upgraded software that simply processes the information to highlight baby in order to produce the most spectacular 3D images, 4D live imaging and true-to-life High Definition (HD-Live) imaging.  

Best time for Imaging:

2D scanning at 5 weeks in gestation and 3D/4D/HD at 13 weeks. Early DNA Gender Testing starts as early as 9 weeks!  It's a simple blood draw and you find out the very next day!  Ultrasound Gender checks are 100% Guaranteed at 13 weeks and above.  For baby's facial features, the recommended time is 27-34 weeks.  For multiples (twins and triplets), 24-28 weeks is the recommended time. (There is a $30 extra charge for multiples because the scanning time may take longer than normal to achieve the best photos of your  babies.  You will receive more photos, depending on the session you choose to do.

Heart Beat Checks:  Minimum 5 weeks + in gestation. You get to listen and see your baby's heart for the first time. Optional, a progress check may be added to find out more about your growing baby. We urge you to always follow up with your healthcare provider if you have any further questions regarding your pregnancy and outcome for healthcare attention.  Our elective prenatal ultrasound studio is not a medical facility.

Are you able to tell the gender of my baby?

Yes.  Gender Checks start at 13 weeks and above.  There may be some instances when the position of the baby, maternal body habitus, fluid sufficiency and cooperation of baby may challenge the process of gender determination: If  by chance Maria is not able to determine 100% the gender of your baby on the day of your visit--you may return 1-3 weeks for a complimentary returnvisit. If this time period expires, you will forfit your free rescan. 

Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy:

We understand that unplanned issues may arise and you made need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you message us thru text, phone call or email at least 24 hours PRIOR to your scheduled appointment as common courtesy to other excited families.  If we do not receive a call or message to cancel and/or reschedule within 24 hours, a $25 charge ​will be assessed on your next appointment.  NO-SHOW appointments will also be charged the $25 fee on your future appointment. Same Day Appointments are courtesy "fit-ins" and if you are unable to make the time requested, please call to inform us. Please arrive 10 minutes before your schedule session. A late fee of $15 may be applied if more than 15 minutes late without notice and cancelled after 30 minutes.

Gift certificates, Specials, Deals, Offers and Discounts:

Yes!  Gift Certificates may be used only ONE TIME for your FIRST visit with us and is available for NEW Clients.  *Exception: Gift Certificates purchased in our studio (pre-paid).  For ALL Specials, Offers and Deals are already discounted  items; we will honor ONE DISCOUNTED item at a time and may not be combined with other discounts.  All other discounts  are honored only from a Regular Priced Session. Please carefully read all Gift Certificates, Specials, Deals, Offers and/or  discounted items to be used with your ultrasound before purchasing them from other sources.  

GIFT CERTIFICATES/VOUCHERS or PRE-PAID SESSIONS are NOT refundable if purchased in our studio but they can be gifted to another MOMMY-TO-BE. Those advertised on other sites are normally  for NEW CLIENTS & FIRST TIME VISITS only.  Before purchasing any deals or specials from an outside source, please contact us for more information and questions.  Please read all rules that apply to any purchased deals.  (Courtesy "Same Day Appointments" may have a $20 charge.)


After-hours service(must be prepaid), pricing will include a $50 convenience fee plus cost of regular session chosen. (Example: Heart Beat Check $30 plus $50 fee, $80 prepaid at least 24 hours in advanced)
Same Day Courtesy Appointments, Holidays, Fridays and Saturdays Appointment are RESERVED for regular priced sessions only. DEALS, COUPONS, CERTIFICATES, PROMOTIONS or SPECIAL PRICING are NOT accepted unless advertised solely on our website, social media or emailed offer directly from our studio. Please read the "THE FINE PRINT" when purchasing deals from a third party. 

Please call or text us for more details at 702.277.6734 or 702.631.2223.

Why choose Baby's First Image for your ultrasound imaging?

Our sole Tech, Maria, understands how special this time is for you and your family.  This is great time to bond with family and your beautiful blessing.  She is the most experienced, passionate, compassionate 

and knowledgeable Ultrasound Tech (U.S. Navy Veteran with 20+ years experience) in town! 

It doesn't make a difference how far along you are: she will do her best images of your growing baby! 

You will feel her excitement and gratitude for sharing your pregnancy journey with us.  Her referrals and reviews are honest and true.  We thank you in advanced for choosing Baby's First Image Ultrasound.